Me, myself and AI

For the successful adoption of AI, we need more female leaders. Why? Well, as AI projects succeed on 4 factors (data, technology, people and processes), women normally possess the right qualities to lead projects to build real-world AI products more successfully as they fully master the enablement of an environment for collaboration and inclusion.

John Naisbitt once said: “The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty-first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human”. This seems odd in the world of artificial intelligence full of robots and automated machines, but when looking more closely at what’s currently needed to increase AI adoption, it all makes sense.

In order to solve the above challenges of AI adoption and in order to build more successful AI products, we need to focus on a more collaborative and community-driven approach. How can we create an environment which takes into account opinions from different stakeholders, especially those who are under-represented? What is limiting us from creating a multidisciplinary debate around our AI solutions? What is needed to have access to AI translators at different levels?

In this session I will share my personal views on what’s needed to work more holistically, outside of our own comfort zones. I will share my view on how to create the right environment where we look beyond gender, race, and cultural background. Based on a set of personal examples, I will analyse what’s needed both at educational and company level to create a shift in mentality towards more collaboration. It will be a call for more role models to stand-up, male and female, in order to build a better future with AI.