Generative AI & the BANALITY OF EVIL

In this new keynote, I explore the "Banality of Evil" in the context of the recent AI companion chatbots powered by generative AI. To the audience, it will become clear that the loneliness epidemic in society, combined with uncontrolled AI development, can lead to harmful interactions with chatbots. My current observation of self-delusion in certain AI development teams raises new concerns at the level of transparency and responsibility needs in the dislocated AI supply chain. The potential toxicity in the solutions in combination with the search for artificial intimacy by vunerable end-users is highlighted and emphasizes the need for more accountability, proper regulation and oversight. At the end, I will draw parallels to the regulation of other industries in the past, suggesting that next to the urgent need of multi-disciplinary teams also well-funded and well-staffed regulation agencies are necessary to address the challenges posed by AI companion chatbots  in order to protect society in the future.