AI meets Nature

AI is here to stay in our landscape today, if we want it or not. While getting inspiration from our brain, humans have literally spent decades of research perfecting the mathematical calculations to make wonderful complex learning algorithms work, with great results. But are these results truly that great at all levels?

AI is surely getting smarter day-by-day, however, it isn’t getting cleaner. Analyst reports indicate that creating an AI system today can be five times worse for the planet than a car. This, of course, is not acceptable in a world where everything turns around sustainability.

In this session we will look at intelligence beyond our own human brain. I will take you on a trip in the search for other intelligent systems which are currently used as inspiration for our next generation AI systems. We will look into a series of examples on how these new "roots" taken from Mother Nature are actively used by research teams in order to succeed in the common goal towards "Green AI".